Photographs of Thorpe woodlands, their varied habitats, plantlife and wildlife all taken by friends and supporters. most taken between 2010 and 2013

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January birdsong in Racecourse wood

Video and audio recorded in Racecourse wood on a beautiful day earlier this January. There seems to be a lot more species here than I was told by an ecologist working for the landowners. Employed only to assess the woodlands suitability for development, not to discover the many species previously listed and observed in NWT surveys and photographed by local photographers, The representative of Applied Ecology when questioned about well known resident species missing from his report told me, there was no more birdlife here than you would find in your back garden.
Judge for yourself.


  1. What a surprise that the developer's paid "expert" thought the birdlife so dull! I bet they found the rest of the flora and fauna just as boring. Lets hope nobody with even half a brain gives them the slightest credit.

  2. I hope so too. The remark was made at one of the developer's PR events, I got the impression that he felt a little uncomfortable short changing nature and selling their corperate line and probably remembers having a soul.