Photographs of Thorpe woodlands, their varied habitats, plantlife and wildlife all taken by friends and supporters. most taken between 2010 and 2013

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Leaving 2010 on a High Note!

As 2010 comes to a close, it's good to be able to end on a high note by adding these scans of the Eastern Evening News front page from Christmas Eve, where the woodlands made the headlines thanks to Paul Andrew, whose excellent idea it was to start the Christmas tree, and Lynda and John who were happy to let us share their special story with the press. None of us could have hoped that we would get such great publicity, which in turn has led to high numbers of visits to this blog and new people joining the Friends. Above all, it highlights the great community spirit both in and around the woods and how loved and valued they are.

Thank you and a happy New Year to all of you who have supported us in 2010. We enter 2011 with an impressive amount of local community support and feeling more determined than ever to save beautiful Thorpe Woodlands for the future.


  1. The Evening News story was brill - and it's fabulous to see so many of us out enjoying the woodlands this winter. It just shows the strength of feeling in the community. Here's hoping for a Happy New Year for Thorpe Woodlands!! - and congratulations to Lynda and John!

  2. My brother and I had a good walk through Racecourse Plantation just after Christmas and guess what? very little litter (none away from the road) and no vandalism whatsoever. I don't know where all the vandals and litterers are, but they are not in Thorpe Woods thank goodness. The more I think about the blatant lies told by the owners in order to try and get permission to trash them the angrier it makes me!