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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Write to oppose 800 homes

Many of our 400 members will have received an update from us earlier this week drawing attention to the fact that the Thorpe & Felthorpe Trust have increased the number of houses they are proposing to build on Thorpe woods.

At the end of the Charrette the Trust informed local residents, councillors and the press that they proposed building 630 house across Racecourse, Browns and much of Belmore Plantations. There was overwhelming opposition to these plans.

Rather than listening to the views of the people who they had allegedly consulted the Trust pushed ahead with their plans and this week we discovered that not only are they still pushing ahead with plans to build over this County Wildlife Site, they have in fact increased the numbers of houses they would like to build from 630 to up to 800.

This contempt for the views of local people and their representatives should come as no surprise to us as the Trust has continually stated one thing in public whilst doing the opposite in private.

You can help to ensure that this dreadful proposal for building 800 high density houses over a unique conservation area, that is cherished by so many local people, doesn't come true by writing to the press and your local councillors.

Many councillors are backing this campaign as was seen when we marched through the woods at the end of August, but it is essential to keep momentum going.

Many of you will have contacted the press or council already but in the light of these new proposals we would once again call on you to write a letter or email to the following voicing your continued opposition to these outrageous plans.

The Trustees hope that if they ignore us we will go away, lets show them how wrong they are.

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